Snowdonia Attractions


Jana Jones of Attractions of Snowdonia explains why the new Snowdonia Pass is a must-have for visitors and locals alike.

Snowdonia Pass is the essential visitor discount card giving you access to discounts at more than 50 attractions, activities, restaurants, shops and accommodation providers across the region.

Every business signed up offers a minimum of a 10 percent discount all year round, but some of the offers are even more generous. For example, there’s a 20 percent discount for Snowdon Mountain Railway, a 15 percent discount at Menai Bikes. Another is a reduction of £5 per night for accommodation at the Royal Sportsman Hotel in Porthmadog. Customers can go onto the Snowdonia Pass website to see all the participating businesses and find out what deals they are offering.

At Attractions of Snowdonia, we’ve been working on the Pass for over two years. We wanted to come up with something that a good number of tourism businesses in the local area would buy into. We developed the Pass to provide a single product that we could use to geographically market the entire area and all the different tourism businesses in it, from accommodation providers and attractions to shops and restaurants.

It can be difficult to get everyone to agree on something like this, but we’re really pleased with the response. We’ve got a huge range of organisations involved, from small private businesses to major organisations like the National Trust and Cadw. They are all very different, but at the end of the day they all came together so that we could create something that will be really useful to visitors and local residents alike and which showcases the great variety of things there are to see and do in this part of the world.

The pass is great for someone like me, who has young children. We love to get discounts at some of our favourite places like GreenWood and the castles run by Cadw. I also use it in shops and restaurants. You only have to use the card a few times and it pays for itself, so it’s a great investment for anyone who spends any time in Snowdonia. If I’m looking for somewhere to eat, I’ll generally check and find a place that offers discounts to Pass holders. It’s meant that I’ve ended up going to lots of places that I haven’t tried before.

Things have been going really well since we launched the Pass in May 2016. We’ve sold lots of them through the website, Tourist Information Centres and local businesses, to locals, visitors and people planning on coming to Snowdonia. The furthest afield we’ve sold to was in Atlanta, Georgia in the US, but we’ve also sold passes to Switzerland, Austria and Italy. It’s great to think that this thing we’ve created is making an impact across the world.

To find out more, head to the Snowdonia Pass website.