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Set in the magical Douglas Fir forest setting in North Wales, the newest bounce sensation is the highest Treetop Nets® in the world, more than 60 feet above the forest floor. With over 100,000 visitors already having experienced this adventure in Cumbria, Zip World is proud to bring Treetop Nets® to North Wales.

Features include the longest net walkway in Europe, winding through 250m of woodland, with large trampoline like nets and tunnels allowing the whole family to run, bounce and leap between connecting tree houses.

Treetop Nets® is designed to offer an amazing and adventurous way for both children and adults to play up high in the trees. Unlike traditional high ropes courses, you’ll be completely surrounded by 3m high walls of netting which means you are always safe and therefore you do not need harnesses.

The Fforest Caffi is on site to quench your thirst and banish the hunger when you have finished!

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